Supervision on vessel, port engineering and lifting equipment, road and bridge, including road and bridge, large lifting facility, marine engineering, ship and related engineering, port facility, rail transportation, power plant equipment, smelting engineering, environmental engineering and wind power engineering, etc.

       ● Supervision on construction and reconstruction of road and bridge 
       ● Supervision on special dependent bridge 
       ● Supervision on construction of bridge steel structure
       ● Supervision on kinds of lifting machinery, floating crane and large port machinery
       ● Supervision on technology systems of handling equipment and supporting facilities of professional ports
       ● Supervision on municipal pipeline construction project
       ● Project management and resident supervision of ship and offshore structure
       ● Review of dismantling program and supervision on dismantling of ship and offshore structure
       ● Supervision on underwater engineering operation
       ● Manufacturing supervision on oil and gas transportation pipeline works 
       ● Manufacturing supervision on oil and gas field equipment engineering
       ● Manufacturing supervision on wind power installation platform and supporting facility 
       ● Manufacturing supervision on newbuilding equipment and facility