Test and Detection

NDT on ship and marine engineering, bridge and municipal works, including various NDT services, thickness measurement, instrument calibration and verification, gas free and radio detection on ship, marine engineering, bridge, large airport, gymnasium, large steel structure of high-rise building, etc.

       ● NDT on steel structure of bridge
       ● Macroscopic detection and NDT on defects of existing bridge structure
       ● NDT on vertical storage tank
       ● NDT on facilities of port and wharf
       ● NDT on urban rail transportation
       ● NDT on steel structure of large gymnasium
       ● NDT on steel structure of airport 
       ● NDT on ship and offshore structure, offshore oil and gas exploiting equipment
       ● Detection on hazardous material of ship and offshore structure
       ● Detection on lifting gear of offshore oil and gas exploiting equipment and explosion-proof electrical appliances
       ● Testing on lifting equipment/pressure vessel
       ● NDT on oil and gas storage and transportation pipeline
       ● NDT on oil and gas field facility
       ● Testing on onshore storage tank
       ● Testing on lifting gear of nuclear power station 
       ● Testing on UHV insulation tools of nuclear power plant
       ● NDT on offshore wind power structure
       ● Testing on shipbuilding equipment and facility